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On behalf of everyone at HireLiving, we are thinking about you, your family and career. 

Here’s some employment facts and info to help make things easier for you.

Unemployment Numbers
Another 6.6M employees were laid off or furloughed last week bringing the national unemployment # to 16.6M .

CARES Application
If you need the CARES stimulus application use the below link. Don’t try to call your local SBA or DOL office, the hold times are up to (7) days. They should create a recording like every Amazon facility in GA which states, they are not accepting calls at this time. I guess the government better not do that!

If you live outside of GA, here’s the link to find your state’s application:

CARES package of benefits may include:
  • A $1,200 stimulus check for each taxpayer earning up to $75,000.
  • Additional $600 per week, if you qualify for unemployment as well.
  • Contact your mortgage lender. Federally-backed  mortgages may receive a (60) day delay in payments without penalties.
  • Federal Student loans may receive a (60) day forbearance.
  • Federal Income tax filing has been extended to July 15th for 2019 returns.
  • No penalty on 401(K) and IRA withdrawals. Taxes will be collected.
  • Small business owners may apply for the SBA Disaster Loan.
Always, check with your accountant/CPA, lenders, vendors and bankers to confirm all dates, amounts and rates.

100 Hiring Employers

Monster just listed the top (100) employers who are hiring this week.

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Every Friday we will bring you the current unemployment numbers, new loan/grant descriptions, companies who are hiring and free stuff to support you and your family.

Stay Healthy + Blessed!

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Employment Analysis + Job Updates

In this unprecedented employment environment, our prayers and thoughts are with everyone who has been furloughed, laid off or fired.

Furloughed workers are on an unpaid leave of absence and still considered an employee. They may be eligible to receive company benefits, if their employer and insurance company both agree.

Laid off workers no longer have a relationship with the employer. Many employers are choosing this method of inactivity, so the employee can file for unemployment benefits. However, check your state’s requirements; furloughed workers may receive unemployment rights too. 

The below link to the CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security) ACT provides both individual and employer filing instructions with claim forms for everyone in Georgia.

Every Friday we will post unemployment numbers, employment updates and job opportunities.

There ARE opportunities out there besides delivery drivers. The Red Cross needs Phlebotomists. Check your city and county governments for law enforcement careers. If you like marketing and sales, Account Managers/Executives are needed in several industries. Health insurance companies need customer service agents (CSR). Private security officers and administrative positions are available as well.

We are starting to receive a ton of employment data. Contact us with any questions or if you need additional info.

Stay Healthy & Blessed!

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